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To the rescue! (714) 865-0992


It shouldn't take two people to open your sliding patio door!


Life is hard.

Doors should be easy.  

Serving the 55 area.

(714) 865-0992

 It is our job to make people happy.

The way we do that is by making doors work the way they are supposed to.

We love what we do, and it is our goal to make you love what we do too.

The best review I have received was when a 12 year old boy saw his door slide easily with a finger, and quietly said "...wow".

What we do:

What we don't do:

Fix sliding glass patio doors

(aluminum, wood or vinyl)

Fix hinged swinging wood

doors, swinging screens, etc. 

Replace rollers, handles,

locks for sliding patio doors

Sell you a new door

 Replace tracks / sills / thresholds

 Sell you a new door

Due to many factors.

We no longer offer glass replacement.

Replace window glass

Call Brea Glass & Mirror

(714) 529-4252


La Mirada Glass & Mirror
(714) 522-0891

 Replace Sliding screen doors

Replace/Repair window screens

Call Reliable Rescreen



 Repair sliding closet doors

Sell you a new closet door 

Replace sliding screen door rollers

Replace sliding screen door mesh

Call Reliable Rescreen

Sell new sliding screen doors

Build screen doors on site

Call Reliable Rescreen


The Patio Door Guy
(714) 865-0992
A mobile service serving

the 55 freeway area.